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Working Stiffs Night Shift Mr. Mom Johnny Dangerously Gung Ho


 Mr.Rogers Neighborhood  Panda  


Maude Chip Winston  


The Tony Randall Show Zeke Zacharias  
1977 Alls Fair Lanny Wolf  
1978 Mary Various Characters  
1978 A Different Approach Filmaker  
1979 The Mary Tyler Moore Hour Kenneth Christy  
1979 Studs Lonigan    
1979 Working Stiffs Mike O'Rourke  
Touch & Go The Squeeze Clean and Sober She's Having A Baby
1982 Night Shift Billy Blaze


1982 Report To Murphy Murphy  
1983 Mr. Mom Jack Butler  LINK
1983 Saturday Night Live Himself  
1984 Johnny Dangerously Johnny Danderously  
1986 Touch & Go Bobby Barbato  
1986 Gung Ho Hunt Stevenson LINK
1987 The Squeeze Harry Berg  
1988 Beetlejuice Beetlejuice  
1988 The Dream Team Billy  LINK
The Dream Team Batman Pacific Heights One Good Cop
1988 She's Having A Baby Himself  
1988 Clean and Sober Daryl Poynter  
1989 Batman Bruce Wayne/Batman  LINK 
1990 Pacific Heights Carter Hayes  LINK 
1991 One Good Cop Artie Lewis  LINK 
1992 Saturday Night Live Himself  
1992 Batman Returns Bruce Wayne/Batman LINK 
1993 Much Ado About Nothing Dogberry  
1993 My Life Bob Jones LINK 
1994 The Paper Henry Hackett LINK 
Batman Returns My Life Much Ado About Nothing The Paper Speechless
1995 Speechless Kevin  
1996 Multiplicity Doug Kinney LINK 
1996 Weird Al Yankovic Music Video "This Is The Life" Johnny Dangerously  
1997 Inventing The Abbots Narrorator  
1997 Jackie Brown Ray Nicolette  
1997 Frank Capra's American Dream Himself  
1998 Desperate Measures Peter McCabe  
1998 Out Of Sight Ray Nicolette  LINK 
1998 Jack Frost Jack Frost  LINK 
2001 A Shot At Glory Peter Cameron  
Multiplicity Jackie Brown Desperate Measures Jack Frost Out Of Sight
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